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Why to hire professional packers and movers in Marathahalli Bangalore & Home moving tips towards shifting with packers and movers:
Packing on your own is a never-ending task, it is must to take help from good professional if you want a hassle-free shifting experience. The packers and movers in Marathahalli, Bangalore will take care end to end packing and moving of belongings in a professional manner.
If you are planning your next move here is the top reason why you should hire professional packers and movers in Marathahalli Bangalore.
  • 1. Zero Stress:
Planning, packing and moving the entire home can be a super stressful job and definitely not everyone's cup of tea. The professionals are the best person to handle everything with care and they make sure all the belongings are shifted to the new place without any damage. In short, you will be stress-free if you take help from a good packers and movers.
  • 2. Credibility:
When a professional moving company handles the job of packing and shifting they make sure everything is done perfectly. Since, for them the credibility matters a lot, they have team of experts who have undergone rigorous training to follow the best practice and technique to move all the household belongings safely.
  • 3. Time-Saving:
When you are planning to do the shifting all by yourself or take help from friends, it is definitely going to be very time-consuming task. Whereas a moving company will do the job in committed time and date with perfection. In addition to it, they can easily shift all your heavy belongings with ease.
  • 4. Inventory Process:
Taking care of all the inventory and belonging of your house can be a very difficult process, but since the professional have experience in dealing the same, they can handle it very efficiently. They make sure all your belongings are safe and transported without any damage to the new place.

Here are some excellent home moving tips which will make the shifting process very easy:
  • 1.    Plan the shifting in advance:
The best practice for a hassle free moving is to plan in advance, If you are well aware about the moving, make sure you plan everything in advance starting from hiring a professional to taking care of the paperwork. This will avoid last minute stress.
  • 2.    Explore the New Locality:
If you are planning a shifting in recent time and have chance to move to the new locality before shifting, the best practice is to get familiar with the new locality. This will help you to find the best traffic free routes to your new home.
  • 3.    Choose the right packing materials:
All your belongings will be transported in a moving vehicle it can be either a small van or a truck, it totally depends on the overall belongings to be transported. Make sure to select the right moving material, else your belongings may get damaged. You don’t want to see the precious products getting damaged or broken during the move. When you hire the right packing and moving company in Marthahalli, Bangalore, they always prefer to choose the high quality packing and moving material and make sure the belongings are reached to the new place without any damage.
  • 4.    Labeling:
This is the most important step which often people ignore, once you have done all the packing make sure to label every box. It is best to use different marker to label contents of different room. At the new place you can simply see the label and keep the boxes at the right room. This is a very time saving option during the moving process.

How Much Packers and Movers Charge & Factors affecting packing & moving charges Marathahalli Bangalore?

Relocating to a new house comes with a lot of responsibilities and hard work. It is surely not an easy task, it needs a lot of detailed planning and proper execution so that all your belongings are reached to the new place without any damage.
In addition to it, the relocation cost should not bite your pocket. There are many factors which can elevate the cost of moving. The main factor which affects the overall moving experience is the volume of belongings, the distance, circumstances, manpower needed etc.
If the shifting is local, the distance is not an issue. The volume of belongings can affect the overall cost. Before finalizing a good packing and moving company in Marthahalli Bangalore make sure to have a clear idea about the factors that affect the packing and moving charges. This will help you to determine the right company.
Top Factors affecting packing & moving charges:
The entire relocation cost depends on below-mentioned factors.
  •  1. Distance to be covered
The most common and crucial factor is the moving distance. The more distance you cover, the more money you will be required to spend. Many moving companies prefer to bill the customers by the total distance covered. If you are looking for hiring a truck rental companies, they basically will charge you based on the miles covered.
  • 2. Packaging materials
This is not used by many but still there are many companies which charge the customer based on the packaging supplies used. This usually happens with goods and belonging which are shifting to the hilly areas. It is must to do the packing very well as the roads in the hilly area are rough. In order to safely deliver all the belongings, it is must to use high quality and right packing material, this can sometimes elevate the overall cost of moving.
  • 3. Weight and Volume
This is the most common factors which are followed by most of the professional packers movers Marthahalli Bangalore. The moving company will estimate the weight of the shipment that includes all the household belongings like furniture, electronic items, kitchen goods etc. If you have more goods to be relocated, you need to shell out more money from your pocket. In addition to it, the total goods to be moved will also determine the size or the moving vehicle.
  • 4. Material to be transported
Sometimes there are a few types of items which need extra care while moving. The packing and moving company determine the cost based on its . For an instance, if you are planning to relocate valuable items like artwork, paintings, pianos, glass crockeries etc they need high care and right packing materials so that they can be shifted to the new place safely. In cases like this, the overall relocation cost is high as compared to the regular shipment.
  • 5. Time Period
This defines the total moving time for your goods. How soon you want the belongings to be delivered to a new destination. If you want it to be done in one day, you need to hire multiple crews to do the job fairly, in this case, the packing and moving company will charge a higher amount as compared to the regular relocation.
Always make sure to get the quotes from multiple packing and moving company, you can crosscheck and decide which company is offering you the best service at a pocket-friendly price. In addition to it, if a moving company is charging based on the volume of shipment always encourage a staff to visit your home and then share a quote.

Questions to ask relocation companies when moving to a new home & How to Resolve Disputes with Packers and Movers.

Relocation is a tough task and so is to finalise a good packing and moving company. It is a super time-consuming task and since moving is not an easy job you always need help from experts so that everything is smooth and you are stress-free.  When it comes to moving to a new place, finding a reliable packing and moving company in Marthahalli Bangalore should on top of your to-do list.
Here are the top question you must ask your moving company before finalization one!!
  • Enquire About the Moving Cost
It is must to know everything about the moving cost before getting started
1. Is the supply material mentioned by them is included in the final quotation? If not, are your supposed to pay additional charges for the same?
2. What are the items included in the insurance provided by them? If not, what is a charge for buying additional insurance?
3. What mode of payment do they accept? How much should you pay in advance?
4. What are the factors which can alter the entire moving cost? Moving on weekends can shoot up the moving cost? Or moving during weekdays can work as a money-saving trick?
  • Enquire about Moving time and delivery
Also don’t forget to check below mentioned question
1. How does the company calculate moving expense? Is it hour or based on the total travel time?
2. All the belongings will be delivered on the promised date or a little delay is expected?
3. What happens if I am not able to receive the belongings on time?
  • Enquire About moving company
1. Is there anything in particular or list of items prohibited during the move?
2. Is moving staff responsible for packing and unpacking?
3. The number of moving staffs arriving during the moving day?
4. Is there any exchange of moving vehicle during the shifting?
5. How the company manages if something is lost or damaged during the shifting?
  • Enquire Complete Information about the Packers and Movers
1. Who is the contact person during the day of moving?
2. The first point of contact after the delivery of belongings?
3. Are the staffs well equipped and trained? The background verification is done? Is the moving company hiring the staff from the third party?
4. Moving company can manages any insurance regarding the move when asked for?
5. Is it possible for the moving company to share feedback and testimonials from previous happy clients?
6. Why are they different than the rest of the moving companies in the market?

How to Resolve Disputes with Packers and Movers:

In spite of planning everything finely and hiring a professional packing company sometimes few things goes wrong unexpectedly. There can be chances that sometimes you may get damaged goods, you surely would want to get justice and claim a suitable compensation for it. You can resolve the disputes with the packing and moving company and settle the claim by filing a complaint against them.
You must file a complaint if any of the below mentioned things happen
1. Receiving damaged goods.
2. Breach of the contract during the home shifting.
3. Increase in the charges without prior intimation.
4. Goods held as a hostage.
5. Items missing after the relocation
6. Late delivery of goods and belongings
If you consider your complaints to be 100 % legitimate it is always advisable to inform the relocation company in advance about all the issues. This will help you to settle the disputes quickly else you can always know the court's door.
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